Saturday, 5 July 2014

In search of the peace hiding within the uproar...

There are times when it feels like you are stuck in a world of clamor amongst narrow-minded mundanes and you don't belong here. A moment of silence feels divine and the unnecessary banter around you feels excruciating. Somehow, nothing seems interesting. Everyone seems to be engrossed in something and everyone has an unnecessary reason to smile except, you. Keeping up with a conversation starts taking more efforts and the usual stupidity with the people around you isn't fun anymore. You want to shut out everyone, close your eyes, go deaf to the human loudness and spend time with your soul. Something, somehow constantly disturbs your thoughts and you wish to be alone but, the world isn't a wishing well which is always ready to fulfill your desires. Doing your thing silently comes naturally and taking an initiative doesn't seem worth it. Sitting at one place, staring at one point you try to gather your disturbed thoughts but, fail every moment. The world which seemed intriguing yesterday seems dull and boring today. The optimism dies out and you are consumed by the negativity of your own soul. You start to notice the minor details, details which do nothing but add up to your misery and this feeling of shutting down the world intensifies. Things people say pass through your mind leaving no effect and the smile someone just flashed you isn't easy to reciprocate because, all you can do is stare back at them. The sadness instilled within you solidifies it's foundation. The time spent in company seems unnecessarily long and the time spent alone, sacred. Epiphanies arise and guilty floods your mind, memories hidden in your subconscious mind start to poke you and all you want to do is yell out in agony. The rest of the world counts you to be patient whereas your mind is running out of emotions to express. And, whilst all this happens, all you do is crave nothing but solitude.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

The nature's nuisance, the mansion of memories and, the beginning of our story...

The wind roared and the moon hid behind the clouds. The stars dimmed and the cats purred. The sky thundered and the friendly banter amongst the locals came to an abrupt end, followed by goodbyes. Houses were secured with padlocks and the lamps were put out. As the darkness prevailed, the town fell into a state of utter silence and the derelict mansion on the outskirts enraged to life.
The windows swung in sync and the vines coiled. Candles that had been blown out with a sigh of sorrow lit up again but, with pleasure this time. The pale shadows of figurines danced on the walls, and the piano decided to play a humble melody. As the glass shattered all around the mansion, the roof ripped itself apart and the clock rang, signifying the moment of midnight. Rain poured down, the wooden boards creaked in plea and the mahogany furniture boasting class was left soaked in the tears of thee.
The mansion was now rumbustious yet, elegant. The wind whirled, and a book tumbled down the shelf only to lay open in pride, unaffected by the hideous menace of nature. As I leaned over the book to put it back in it's place, I couldn't help but smile because, the page that had been suavely lying open was none other than the one on which our story had begun. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Today ☺

The golden rays of the sun glittered through the window pane and I knew that a new day had begun. The start of a new day marked the start of a new learning experience. It was time to forget the sorrows from yesterday, look forward to tomorrow and live in today. For all I knew, today was full of opportunities waiting for me to seize them. The sole purpose of my existence awaited for me to progress. The goals and ambitions I had were expecting me to complete them today. Today was the day the foundation of my intellectuality wanted to strengthen. The imaginatively bankrupt areas in my mind wanted to blossom again and my consciousness wanted to cherish the another chance the realm of my existence had provided me with today. All I plan to do today is to learn from the mistakes I did yesterday in order to earn from today.  No matter what happens, I want to do it all "today" because the future is unforeseen and one should not leave to chance future happenings, but rather one should do all one can today to make one's future better. I believe and will continue to do so, "Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero" (Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow ).

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The last moments...

I fell on my knees as a tear ran down my cheek. I was scared and helpless. As his shadows leapt from wall to wall, all I could do was pray for mercy. I felt a tingling feel near my neck, as I turned my head to see what caused it, I was met by nothing but a layer of black. I knew I was destined to it but not so soon, I still had reasons to live and a purpose to fulfill. I know I had been a continuous failure but, everyone deserved a second chance.
In the spur of a moment, I was thrown against the wall. I wanted to scream but no voice came out. I wanted to run away but my body felt numb. The layer of darkness around me deepened and I felt enveloped in my own misery. Pleading and begging weren't a part of choices I had, but hoping for a painless castigation  was all I could do.
As time passed by, I was left in a state of nothing but oblivion. I felt a sudden surge of  pain through my body and I knew my time was depleting and thy lord of Hell was waiting. I burned in the sorrow of my own soul and silently yelled in pain. I knew the Devil had blessed my soul with nothing but brutality and before I could save myself, I was plunged into the parallel dimension of vicious darkness.


Monday, 28 April 2014

Weαpoɴѕ тнαт нαveɴ'т evolved

Humans in ancient days, used spears and arrows, today they use guns and bombs. All sorts of weapons that were used a few hundred years ago have changed only to become more harmful and modern. But, there is this certain form of weapons that haven't evolved, they were ruinous hundred years ago and hold the same capability even today.
Hopefully, this poem displays the message accurately:

There are these weapons mankind created,
They are supposed to amputate the mortal beings,
And are meant to cause hurt and, sorrow.

When thought upon these weapons,
We think about guns.
Gun and bombs.
Bombs and spears.
Spears and arrows.
Arrows and swords.

Have you ever thought, 
Just once,
That maybe, there are more cruel,
More wicked  
and maybe,
More harmful weapons in this world?

Apparently, there are.
These weapons are a cause of war everyday,
They affect you,every minute of your life.

What you speak, and what you do,
What you hear and how you react,
What someone does and how you speak,
Your brief utterance and the reaction it causes,
The things you do and the battle of words that occurs.

Your words and your actions,
They are nothing but,
 The weapons of emotional wars.
Every time these two weapons are used,
You, are left pierced. 

There are times,
Times when you feel 
Words are the best way to express thyself
Sometimes these words, 
Turn out to be the best way
To devastate somebody.

I believe,
Words once spoken,
Cant be taken back, 
Even if you apologize
And say you take them back
The wound caused by those words,
Never heals.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Tнe Myѕтery oғ Nιɢнт-Tιмe...

A poem escorting you to the world of fantasy, hope you all like it ☺

As the night-time approached,
The sky roared apprehending the wind,
The crow in the tree screeched,
The cat waiting in the burrow pounced,
And the poor crow died a brave death.

The little mice near the gate mustered,
Sensing the aura of the cat and her graceful moves,
They scattered and jumped all around,
Only to find out the cat had disappeared!

The little mice,
The screeching crows,
And the roaring sky,
All looked out for the mysterious cat,
The only thing they found was a lady with a black hat!

The lady walked with grace,
Purring and growling,
Licking her paws and rolling her eyes,
She stood in front of the gate and waited,
Waited and waited,
Until, the padlock disappeared!

She walked inside the gate,
Cursing every little thing and spreading hate.
Shadows appeared and the nature drained color
Whilst all this happened,
The lady continued her journey towards the isolated mansion.

Gracefully she pushed open the door,
And the door creaked in pain.
She disappeared into the darkness of the mansion,
Only to be found standing by the window smiling

She waited by the window for long,
Wickedly smiling with contempt,
As the daylight approached,
She disappeared, leaving a black hat by the window!

Soon the door creaked and out came the cat,
Yawning and purring and Graceful as ever,
She left the mansion,
Leaving a mystery forever!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cнσσѕιηg тσ вє мσяє нυмαηє ☺

We humans have advanced wonderfully over the years. We have conquered every field on the Earth. Be it science or creativity, humans have shown what they are capable of. But, humans have failed in the field of humanity. Humans today are not human enough to think once before they swear at someone, before they give someone a black eye, before they judge someone and before they devastate someone.
People have been using this quote that says “You know my name, not my story” but, do they imply it? Do they think about this quote when they bully someone? Hurt someone? Maybe judge someone?
Unfortunately no one does.
Sitting behind that screen you are probably shaking your head stating “Oh yes I definitely think about those things” or “I don't do any of those things” but, those statements are nothing but mere lies. Every one of us usually knowingly or intentionally and very rarely unintentionally does these things. When we do these things, we don't think about the fact that we are not aware of what that person might be going through, we don't realize the amount of hurt we are causing but, all we do is display the insensitivity and cruelty we have in each of us individually. When the same happens to us, that is when karma gets back to us, the world ends, doesn't it? Nothing seems good and life sucks for us. You want to do all sorts of wrong things and every other human you meet, you can't seem to trust them because a few days ago one of the same humans had shattered you emotionally by doing what? By judging you? Bullying? Making fun of? Teasing? Discriminating? The happiness is lost and all we do is sulk around never realizing that once upon a time we brought someone into the same state.
So, maybe we can be humans who are humane. This is not something where you can say that we will join our hands together and work unitedly, it is something that should come from within. Something you , yourself are supposed to take initiative for. You want to join hands? Then go ahead but join hands to pray for those who suffer from this insensitivity every single day! At an individual level we can surely try our best to not to judge people, not to discriminate and avoid the crime of breaking someone emotionally through physical or cerebral means.

Maybe we can bring ourselves to a point where individuals don't think that life is like a local market where most of the goods available are of cheap quality and the few which are good, are never the ones you can afford.