Saturday, 19 April 2014

Tнe Myѕтery oғ Nιɢнт-Tιмe...

A poem escorting you to the world of fantasy, hope you all like it ☺

As the night-time approached,
The sky roared apprehending the wind,
The crow in the tree screeched,
The cat waiting in the burrow pounced,
And the poor crow died a brave death.

The little mice near the gate mustered,
Sensing the aura of the cat and her graceful moves,
They scattered and jumped all around,
Only to find out the cat had disappeared!

The little mice,
The screeching crows,
And the roaring sky,
All looked out for the mysterious cat,
The only thing they found was a lady with a black hat!

The lady walked with grace,
Purring and growling,
Licking her paws and rolling her eyes,
She stood in front of the gate and waited,
Waited and waited,
Until, the padlock disappeared!

She walked inside the gate,
Cursing every little thing and spreading hate.
Shadows appeared and the nature drained color
Whilst all this happened,
The lady continued her journey towards the isolated mansion.

Gracefully she pushed open the door,
And the door creaked in pain.
She disappeared into the darkness of the mansion,
Only to be found standing by the window smiling

She waited by the window for long,
Wickedly smiling with contempt,
As the daylight approached,
She disappeared, leaving a black hat by the window!

Soon the door creaked and out came the cat,
Yawning and purring and Graceful as ever,
She left the mansion,
Leaving a mystery forever!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cнσσѕιηg тσ вє мσяє нυмαηє ☺

We humans have advanced wonderfully over the years. We have conquered every field on the Earth. Be it science or creativity, humans have shown what they are capable of. But, humans have failed in the field of humanity. Humans today are not human enough to think once before they swear at someone, before they give someone a black eye, before they judge someone and before they devastate someone.
People have been using this quote that says “You know my name, not my story” but, do they imply it? Do they think about this quote when they bully someone? Hurt someone? Maybe judge someone?
Unfortunately no one does.
Sitting behind that screen you are probably shaking your head stating “Oh yes I definitely think about those things” or “I don't do any of those things” but, those statements are nothing but mere lies. Every one of us usually knowingly or intentionally and very rarely unintentionally does these things. When we do these things, we don't think about the fact that we are not aware of what that person might be going through, we don't realize the amount of hurt we are causing but, all we do is display the insensitivity and cruelty we have in each of us individually. When the same happens to us, that is when karma gets back to us, the world ends, doesn't it? Nothing seems good and life sucks for us. You want to do all sorts of wrong things and every other human you meet, you can't seem to trust them because a few days ago one of the same humans had shattered you emotionally by doing what? By judging you? Bullying? Making fun of? Teasing? Discriminating? The happiness is lost and all we do is sulk around never realizing that once upon a time we brought someone into the same state.
So, maybe we can be humans who are humane. This is not something where you can say that we will join our hands together and work unitedly, it is something that should come from within. Something you , yourself are supposed to take initiative for. You want to join hands? Then go ahead but join hands to pray for those who suffer from this insensitivity every single day! At an individual level we can surely try our best to not to judge people, not to discriminate and avoid the crime of breaking someone emotionally through physical or cerebral means.

Maybe we can bring ourselves to a point where individuals don't think that life is like a local market where most of the goods available are of cheap quality and the few which are good, are never the ones you can afford.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

тrαvel BROADENS тнe мιɴd!


We all love travelling, don't we? Unfortunately, to most of us travelling is when you cross the limits of your city and go to some national or international destination, but travelling, to me, is walking out of your own comfort zone, stepping out from the locality you live in. So, go ahead and read the fantasy I wrote on this debatable topic and maybe you will agree with me?

A few nights ago, my brain wandered away. I didn't realize it until yesterday morning but it sure was surprising. It just slipped out, I don't know from where but surely gave me a shock which was unbridled. I looked for it everywhere, but, couldn't find it. All I got was a little note which said-

Dear Little Fellow,
I somehow managed to get away from your narrow sized head and your thinking which is nothing but again, as narrow as the pathway of your thoughts. It seemed to be a difficult task but, I tried and succeeded atlast. Its a matter of curiosity for you, I am sure, that what was my purpose to abscond and to satisfy your curiosity I would like to notify you that I plan to travel. I want to see different cultures and traditions, different people and the world that is different at every corner. I want to learn how to accept the way rest of the world lives, something I wasn't allowed to do inside your little head. I want to be free and not bound to social norms you force me to believe. I don't want to end up rotten with stereotypes, the fruit you eat and grow every day. I want to search for ways to be better, I want to evaluate myself so when I come back I can help you widen your perspective. I want to feel the excitement of adventure because, all my life I have only felt the uninteresting pressures of the society. I want to see the beauty of nature, not only its benefits for human development. I want to learn how to acclimatize so, I can help you adapt. I want to see and experience things which I am sure no one will teach you at school. I want to see what I am capable of independently, I don't want to build myself with the same monotonous habits. I want to see how I differ from the rest even though I am nothing but of the size of a pea. Adios little fellow, I will be back, maybe bent and broken but, hopefully in a better shape.
Your pea-sized brain

Maybe, travel broadens the mind and surely teaches us how to be a better and a different person. What do you think?

Friday, 28 February 2014

♦тнy ѕoυl ιɴ ιтѕ тrυe ғorм♦

Greetings Earthling!

Friday is here and I am ready to add a structure in my street of thoughts! Clearing out the doubt for those of you who are not into Old English, "thy" means "your" and today, I am focusing on how we tend to grieve when we think about the coming future, when we think about being the angel or somebody who is fiend and most importantly when we feel our soul is divided into two parts and we can't choose which one to pursue. 
So, try interpreting the following poem and maybe, you can relate to it...☺ 

I was lurking behind that old cabin down the beach,
Just then, I heard a screech.
The screech seemed far,
But it was not a cry that was par!

I was bound to get curious!
As I followed my path right into the forest,
I grew meticulous,
My mind asking me to be earnest.

Whilst following the path,
I sensed someone's wrath,
I heard a wild beast roar,
Somewhere near the shore.

Approaching the coast,
I heard a soul boast,
I could smell something was burning,
And, the devil was earning.

I twisted my head towards the sea,
All I saw was immense purity.
I dared to look towards the west,
Towards the forest that I had just passed through,
Certainly a place where the evil grew.

In the blink of an eye,
I saw a devil soar high,
As I looked back towards the west,
I wondered where were the rest!

As my curiosity reached an apex,
I saw the sea flex.
Just as the gates to heaven rose out of the sea,
By came a little flea!
Grabbing my attention,
Forcing me to look towards the forest of excoriation.

The forest was in flames by now,
I wondered how!
Just then I saw a little gargoyle,
His expression parboil!
That little carved figure,
Was an extraordinary creature!
Its hands were outspread ,
Pointing towards the forest I dread,
And the sea I loved.

Nearby was a sign,
It seemed benign.
I tried reading it under my scrutiny,
And I was under the trance of clarity!

The sign read “choose amongst thy soul”,
Filling my curiosity's' hole.
I realized, the two sides were nothing,
But the path that was awaiting,
bearing my name, awaiting me,
Something I couldn't flee.

The forest,
The sea,
Both showed a part of me,
That was torn amongst the devil and thee.

The forest was my soul burning,
The sea showed purity in which my soul was bathing,
It was time to choose,
Which boat I will cruise.

I had a choice amongst the two,
I had to join one crew.
The sea promised peace,
The forest flaunted freedom from selfless lease.

I chose none,
All I wanted was to be awaken.
Seeing my soul in an unbridled glory,
Was indeed scary!

I realized that day,
The coming May,
I was bound to choose,
And let myself loose.

Forgetting the fears of my soul,
I let my confidence cajole,
I decided to live!
And not allow the future to let me grieve.

As I chose to live in today
Instead of the coming Thursday,
I realized the importance of my soul
Which, I am meant to role.

Friday, 21 February 2014

мιѕѕιɴɢ ғroм вrαɴded ѕнopѕ ツ

Hello there!

It's Friday and I am back with a new update ☺
So, have you ever went to a branded shop? Obviously, today who doesn't visit one? 
Well then, has it ever happened to you that the product you were looking for was missing from the shop? When such things happen, you usually go to another shop but, there is one thing that is always missing from branded shops and trust me, you will not find it anywhere else but within you. Try and think what is this thing.  Curious much? Found the name? No? Well then, go ahead read this poem and find out! ☺

Think about different places,
Think about things,
Places and things which satisfy you.

Branded clothes?
Luxurious automobiles?
Lavish restaurants?
Elite gatherings?

I am sure,
You thought about these things,
Didn't you?

These things are found with every other man,
Maybe you have them too!
Isn't it easy to get them?
Don't these things satisfy you?
Aren't you content with them?
I know, you are.

I am not hungry for this lavish way of life.
These things don't satisfy me,
I am not content with these luxuries!

Instead of being gifted with extravagance,
I want to be gifted with simplicity.
Simplicity in the way of life,
Simplicity in my heart.

I want simplicity,
Simplicity in myself.
Simplicity in my nature,
And most imperatively,
I want immense simplicity in our human bonds.

The day humans find simplicity,
We will reach the apex of happiness and purity,
We will find our true souls,
And faith in humanity will rise again.

You won't find simplicity in a branded shop,
Or in the menu of a lavish restaurant,
You will only find it if you try,
Search within yourself,
Search with virtues,
Try your best,
It lies within you.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Looĸιɴɢ ғor тнe нιddeɴ нope...

Hello there! It's been a week and I am back with one of my musings.
I have a question to ask, do we ever take the initiative to look for hope? No we don't. Instead we let ourselves fall apart and never try to find the solutions to our problems.
We let ourselves fall apart, and then? Then we tend to over-think.
Well, this poem exactly displays this phase of never allowing yourself to find hope and never trying to sew up yourself after falling apart out of sorrow and then ending up regretting yourself....

I felt my evil soul falling apart,
Crumbling down to little pieces,
As it got crushed beneath the grinder of life.

There was no faith left in my evil soul,
All I could feel was hatred,
The feeling of being an outcast.

I couldn't see anyone to look up on,
All those I saw,
Were mere critics waiting to judge me.

As I plunged towards the sack of happiness,
I was washed over by sorrow.
With the time running out,
I was left with nothing,
Except my hollow soul.

I tried reaching a destination,
But, the same old obstructions
Forced me to change my path.

I reluctantly changed my path,
In hope of happiness and love,
But, all I got was,
Shattered fate.

I went to the wizard of peace,
Seeking the truth behind the war in me.
I felt torn apart,
By the force of intensity and my helplessness.

I chose to grieve ,
I chose to mourn,
I chose to leave it all at bay,
I chose to regret .

Only if I hadn't chosen to grieve,
Or mourn, or regret.
Maybe I would have lived a better life.
Maybe I would have found happiness.
And maybe, I would have found a way to sew up my soul.

Instead of letting my soul crumble,
All I had to do,
Was to
Look for hope ,
Which remains hidden amongst the riddles of life.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

ʀᴇᴀʟɪᴢᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ᴏғ sᴇʟғ ᴅᴇᴇᴘᴇɴɪɴɢ...

We all have different perspectives, don't we? Yes, we do. When it comes to writing, each one of us perceives it in a different way. Some think its what nerds do, some say its boring and there are a few who think writing is ridiculous!
To me, writing is my passion and the way I perceive writing is described in this small poem I wrote :

Venturing into the unknown,
I light my path with the lamp of creativity,
The path leads to exploration,
And I am surprised where the journey takes me.

As I embrace the dangers,
I listen to my call of awakening,
And I descry the spirit of creation, the spirit of contradiction.

Going beyond the known margins,
I realize the center of authenticity that encapsulates the deeply lived experience.
Whilst tasting life in moment and retrospection,

I discern the rich process of self-deepening,
Which we simply call WRITING...