Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A fortuitous learning from a regular change.

There are 365 days in a year. Its been a lot of years since humans existed. I don't really have a specific value but I am sure of it. During all these years and within these 365 days, there is one thing that always happens - seasons change.
The year starts off with spring. A time most people consider the happiest in the entire year. Flowers blooming, fresh atmosphere and a subtle amount of joy in the air. It's neither too cold, nor too hot. Sweaters and gloves are packed away and the desires for searing hot food slowly burn out. It's a time which provides an opportunity to rise above the winter gloom that sets in during those last few months of the year. As spring passes by, summer settles in and there begins the vacation time. The sun which seemed pleasant back in spring, becomes torturous. The fresh atmosphere doesn't feel that fresh anymore and heat takes a toll on us. Whilst all the merriness of spring dies out, summer is a time during which most of us tend to plan our holidays and adventures. Kids around the world celebrate the end of an academic year and look forward to days spent doing things that satisfy them. Summers is the time when suddenly everybody starts to cherish fruits and anything cool. It was just a season back when everybody was relieved with the end of long winters and then comes along summer when all we demand is something cold. And so, we come up with things that satisfy these demands.
Summers eventually fade too. Autumn begins and everything turns into a shade of red, orange and yellow. The dry, humid breeze transforms into a cool wind which occasionally manages to send shivers down our spines. Subtle desires of warm food rejuvenate and figures in coats start to appear. Plants become dormant and preparations for the winter survival begin. When winter finally settles in, the packed away sweaters and gloves come out and desires for hot food reincarnate. Animals hibernate and a lot of us wish that we could do the same. Winter is a time that tends to stimulate laziness. Everything turns a little gloomy. With nights longer and days being shorter, the time still doesn't seem to pass by until it's time for spring again and the cycle continues.
Seasons keep changing. And we have no choice but to adjust. We can't stand in the middle of a ground, look upto the sky and yell out that the heat or the snow or the rains won't be accepted. Even if we do so, all we get in return is to be the new freak in town.
This is something everybody knows. Everyone knows what season is followed by which. But. There is one thing highly intriguing about this change in seasons that occurs - it manages to make every single person learn to adjust in their circumstances and go with the flow. Something we all fail to keep in mind when most needed. An attitude that would make us bigger and better people. 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Why dawdle when it is about you?

Today was a normal day. As normal as a day during vacations goes. The only highlight of the day was the birthday party I went to, this evening. It was a party, yes but not the kind wherein people are jumping around and yelling and shoving food down their throats while trying to keep up with the dance beats. It was a peaceful party. Few of us girls, seated around a table, everyone cheerfully talking and occasional expressions of surprise as food was served. That was pretty much it. But, everyone was happy. I was sitting with two of my very close friends. We were busy eating and having our own conversation when the birthday girl, being the tiny little package of liveliness she is, popped up on the side of the table and flashed her perfect smile. After the obvious interrogation of if we were comfortable and needed anything, she looked towards me and started a sentence with, "Your blog...". I personally, smiled a little. The kid in my mind went off to happy dancing because yes I like it when people (constructively) criticize or appreciate my blog. My friends looked at me and smiled. I waited till the sentence was completed.
"Your blog has been dead you know! It's isolated. I keep having to read the same things again and again." This had me covering my face with my palms out of embarrassment. I tried to justify my mistake by stating the obvious - I have no inspiration to write, I am sorry. She nodded in understanding but before she moved on to greet the rest of the guests present, she told me, "If not anything else, just a musing at least" and smiled. It felt good, but also made me wonder if the justification I put forward was accurate enough.
People mention writer's block and how it is necessary to have strong emotions being stimulated within you to write and there are tons of more things that, as I have been told, have been proved as valid reasons for why a person is just not able to write. Honestly, these are not reasons. These are excuses. Now that I think of it, I lied to someone and not justify myself. Agreed that to write something there needs to be something that pricks you, or stimulates a stream of thoughts in your mind and the only reason why these things do not happen often is because we all are just plain lazy.
I took up writing, someone chose maybe music or dance or painting or maybe even origami to express themselves but, the fact that most of us end up using random excuses that sound all deep and philosophical to cover up for the fact that we slacked off is pathetic. Not generally pathetic but pathetic to ourselves. Yes I managed to cover up by saying that I have had no inspiration to write and lucky me that my friend understood that but, what if tomorrow I come across someone to whom it strikes that it's just an excuse to camouflage my inability to be consistent? Forget people, what about the fact that I took up writing (and someone music, dance, painting, etc) because it helped me express myself and made me feel better?
Motivation is necessary, yes but that doesn't give us a right to use that need as an excuse. This entire write-up pretty much sounds like a rant, I admit, but the fact that I poured my heart out after 25 days of procrastinating makes me feel happy. Gives me a surge of satisfaction. And so, somewhere, I think, all we need to remember is - "When people don't express themselves, they die one piece at a time."
It's nice to realize the importance of expressing ourselves from within than have someone point it out to you.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Sunday, 22 February 2015


Monday, 26 January 2015

Paradise within the wild.

The safaris were hopeless, yes. I didn't get to see any sort of predators, this fact agitated me - agreed. I found it all disappointing, I admit. I lost interest during safaris a lot of times because herbivores are something I can even get to see in my own city, to be honest. 
But, sometimes, when one bothers to look beyond the shadow of the hood covering their head, they get an opportunity to see something not pretty, classy, elegant or cool but, fascinating. Who knew I would get a chance to sing the Coldplay song, "This could be para- para- paradise. Para- para- paradise. Could be para- para- paradise.Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh."

Ranthambore Trip , 2015. 

Sunday, 18 January 2015


On the suggestion of a dear friend (thank you Zeal), I have decided to put up my random musings on the blog. Attempts to improve the content will be made, I promise. 
Here's to the first one. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Party.

Shimmering lights,
Gazing eyes;
Boasting might
And, saying lies.

Shaking hands,
Warm hugs;
Making friends
And, raising mugs.

Stroking beards,
Blushing cheeks;
Playing billiards
And, the alcohol reeks.

Avoiding embarrassments,
Exchanging gifts;
Expressing endearments
And, offering lifts.

Wishing farewell,
And, walking through the doors
Leaving for the host, cleaning chores.