Friday, 14 February 2014

Looĸιɴɢ ғor тнe нιddeɴ нope...

Hello there! It's been a week and I am back with one of my musings.
I have a question to ask, do we ever take the initiative to look for hope? No we don't. Instead we let ourselves fall apart and never try to find the solutions to our problems.
We let ourselves fall apart, and then? Then we tend to over-think.
Well, this poem exactly displays this phase of never allowing yourself to find hope and never trying to sew up yourself after falling apart out of sorrow and then ending up regretting yourself....

I felt my evil soul falling apart,
Crumbling down to little pieces,
As it got crushed beneath the grinder of life.

There was no faith left in my evil soul,
All I could feel was hatred,
The feeling of being an outcast.

I couldn't see anyone to look up on,
All those I saw,
Were mere critics waiting to judge me.

As I plunged towards the sack of happiness,
I was washed over by sorrow.
With the time running out,
I was left with nothing,
Except my hollow soul.

I tried reaching a destination,
But, the same old obstructions
Forced me to change my path.

I reluctantly changed my path,
In hope of happiness and love,
But, all I got was,
Shattered fate.

I went to the wizard of peace,
Seeking the truth behind the war in me.
I felt torn apart,
By the force of intensity and my helplessness.

I chose to grieve ,
I chose to mourn,
I chose to leave it all at bay,
I chose to regret .

Only if I hadn't chosen to grieve,
Or mourn, or regret.
Maybe I would have lived a better life.
Maybe I would have found happiness.
And maybe, I would have found a way to sew up my soul.

Instead of letting my soul crumble,
All I had to do,
Was to
Look for hope ,
Which remains hidden amongst the riddles of life.


  1. Totally love your writing and hoping to read more <3 !