Friday, 21 February 2014

мιѕѕιɴɢ ғroм вrαɴded ѕнopѕ ツ

Hello there!

It's Friday and I am back with a new update ☺
So, have you ever went to a branded shop? Obviously, today who doesn't visit one? 
Well then, has it ever happened to you that the product you were looking for was missing from the shop? When such things happen, you usually go to another shop but, there is one thing that is always missing from branded shops and trust me, you will not find it anywhere else but within you. Try and think what is this thing.  Curious much? Found the name? No? Well then, go ahead read this poem and find out! ☺

Think about different places,
Think about things,
Places and things which satisfy you.

Branded clothes?
Luxurious automobiles?
Lavish restaurants?
Elite gatherings?

I am sure,
You thought about these things,
Didn't you?

These things are found with every other man,
Maybe you have them too!
Isn't it easy to get them?
Don't these things satisfy you?
Aren't you content with them?
I know, you are.

I am not hungry for this lavish way of life.
These things don't satisfy me,
I am not content with these luxuries!

Instead of being gifted with extravagance,
I want to be gifted with simplicity.
Simplicity in the way of life,
Simplicity in my heart.

I want simplicity,
Simplicity in myself.
Simplicity in my nature,
And most imperatively,
I want immense simplicity in our human bonds.

The day humans find simplicity,
We will reach the apex of happiness and purity,
We will find our true souls,
And faith in humanity will rise again.

You won't find simplicity in a branded shop,
Or in the menu of a lavish restaurant,
You will only find it if you try,
Search within yourself,
Search with virtues,
Try your best,
It lies within you.


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    1. Thank you :)
      I am glad you could relate to it!

  2. Love this one :D. congratulations on 390 page views, I'm sure you'll get many more.

    1. Thank you :D
      With your blessings with me, I am sure I will get many more :P

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    1. Hahaha thank you for your amazing opinion while choosing ^_^
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