Friday, 28 February 2014

♦тнy ѕoυl ιɴ ιтѕ тrυe ғorм♦

Greetings Earthling!

Friday is here and I am ready to add a structure in my street of thoughts! Clearing out the doubt for those of you who are not into Old English, "thy" means "your" and today, I am focusing on how we tend to grieve when we think about the coming future, when we think about being the angel or somebody who is fiend and most importantly when we feel our soul is divided into two parts and we can't choose which one to pursue. 
So, try interpreting the following poem and maybe, you can relate to it...☺ 

I was lurking behind that old cabin down the beach,
Just then, I heard a screech.
The screech seemed far,
But it was not a cry that was par!

I was bound to get curious!
As I followed my path right into the forest,
I grew meticulous,
My mind asking me to be earnest.

Whilst following the path,
I sensed someone's wrath,
I heard a wild beast roar,
Somewhere near the shore.

Approaching the coast,
I heard a soul boast,
I could smell something was burning,
And, the devil was earning.

I twisted my head towards the sea,
All I saw was immense purity.
I dared to look towards the west,
Towards the forest that I had just passed through,
Certainly a place where the evil grew.

In the blink of an eye,
I saw a devil soar high,
As I looked back towards the west,
I wondered where were the rest!

As my curiosity reached an apex,
I saw the sea flex.
Just as the gates to heaven rose out of the sea,
By came a little flea!
Grabbing my attention,
Forcing me to look towards the forest of excoriation.

The forest was in flames by now,
I wondered how!
Just then I saw a little gargoyle,
His expression parboil!
That little carved figure,
Was an extraordinary creature!
Its hands were outspread ,
Pointing towards the forest I dread,
And the sea I loved.

Nearby was a sign,
It seemed benign.
I tried reading it under my scrutiny,
And I was under the trance of clarity!

The sign read “choose amongst thy soul”,
Filling my curiosity's' hole.
I realized, the two sides were nothing,
But the path that was awaiting,
bearing my name, awaiting me,
Something I couldn't flee.

The forest,
The sea,
Both showed a part of me,
That was torn amongst the devil and thee.

The forest was my soul burning,
The sea showed purity in which my soul was bathing,
It was time to choose,
Which boat I will cruise.

I had a choice amongst the two,
I had to join one crew.
The sea promised peace,
The forest flaunted freedom from selfless lease.

I chose none,
All I wanted was to be awaken.
Seeing my soul in an unbridled glory,
Was indeed scary!

I realized that day,
The coming May,
I was bound to choose,
And let myself loose.

Forgetting the fears of my soul,
I let my confidence cajole,
I decided to live!
And not allow the future to let me grieve.

As I chose to live in today
Instead of the coming Thursday,
I realized the importance of my soul
Which, I am meant to role.