Tuesday, 11 March 2014

тrαvel BROADENS тнe мιɴd!


We all love travelling, don't we? Unfortunately, to most of us travelling is when you cross the limits of your city and go to some national or international destination, but travelling, to me, is walking out of your own comfort zone, stepping out from the locality you live in. So, go ahead and read the fantasy I wrote on this debatable topic and maybe you will agree with me?

A few nights ago, my brain wandered away. I didn't realize it until yesterday morning but it sure was surprising. It just slipped out, I don't know from where but surely gave me a shock which was unbridled. I looked for it everywhere, but, couldn't find it. All I got was a little note which said-

Dear Little Fellow,
I somehow managed to get away from your narrow sized head and your thinking which is nothing but again, as narrow as the pathway of your thoughts. It seemed to be a difficult task but, I tried and succeeded atlast. Its a matter of curiosity for you, I am sure, that what was my purpose to abscond and to satisfy your curiosity I would like to notify you that I plan to travel. I want to see different cultures and traditions, different people and the world that is different at every corner. I want to learn how to accept the way rest of the world lives, something I wasn't allowed to do inside your little head. I want to be free and not bound to social norms you force me to believe. I don't want to end up rotten with stereotypes, the fruit you eat and grow every day. I want to search for ways to be better, I want to evaluate myself so when I come back I can help you widen your perspective. I want to feel the excitement of adventure because, all my life I have only felt the uninteresting pressures of the society. I want to see the beauty of nature, not only its benefits for human development. I want to learn how to acclimatize so, I can help you adapt. I want to see and experience things which I am sure no one will teach you at school. I want to see what I am capable of independently, I don't want to build myself with the same monotonous habits. I want to see how I differ from the rest even though I am nothing but of the size of a pea. Adios little fellow, I will be back, maybe bent and broken but, hopefully in a better shape.
Your pea-sized brain

Maybe, travel broadens the mind and surely teaches us how to be a better and a different person. What do you think?


  1. Great job :D sometimes even. I think that my brain leaves me... For completely different reasons of course. :P :D

    1. Thank you!! :D
      And I am completely aware of the reasons your brain leaves you :P