Monday, 28 April 2014

Weαpoɴѕ тнαт нαveɴ'т evolved

Humans in ancient days, used spears and arrows, today they use guns and bombs. All sorts of weapons that were used a few hundred years ago have changed only to become more harmful and modern. But, there is this certain form of weapons that haven't evolved, they were ruinous hundred years ago and hold the same capability even today.
Hopefully, this poem displays the message accurately:

There are these weapons mankind created,
They are supposed to amputate the mortal beings,
And are meant to cause hurt and, sorrow.

When thought upon these weapons,
We think about guns.
Gun and bombs.
Bombs and spears.
Spears and arrows.
Arrows and swords.

Have you ever thought, 
Just once,
That maybe, there are more cruel,
More wicked  
and maybe,
More harmful weapons in this world?

Apparently, there are.
These weapons are a cause of war everyday,
They affect you,every minute of your life.

What you speak, and what you do,
What you hear and how you react,
What someone does and how you speak,
Your brief utterance and the reaction it causes,
The things you do and the battle of words that occurs.

Your words and your actions,
They are nothing but,
 The weapons of emotional wars.
Every time these two weapons are used,
You, are left pierced. 

There are times,
Times when you feel 
Words are the best way to express thyself
Sometimes these words, 
Turn out to be the best way
To devastate somebody.

I believe,
Words once spoken,
Cant be taken back, 
Even if you apologize
And say you take them back
The wound caused by those words,
Never heals.

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