Saturday, 19 April 2014

Tнe Myѕтery oғ Nιɢнт-Tιмe...

A poem escorting you to the world of fantasy, hope you all like it ☺

As the night-time approached,
The sky roared apprehending the wind,
The crow in the tree screeched,
The cat waiting in the burrow pounced,
And the poor crow died a brave death.

The little mice near the gate mustered,
Sensing the aura of the cat and her graceful moves,
They scattered and jumped all around,
Only to find out the cat had disappeared!

The little mice,
The screeching crows,
And the roaring sky,
All looked out for the mysterious cat,
The only thing they found was a lady with a black hat!

The lady walked with grace,
Purring and growling,
Licking her paws and rolling her eyes,
She stood in front of the gate and waited,
Waited and waited,
Until, the padlock disappeared!

She walked inside the gate,
Cursing every little thing and spreading hate.
Shadows appeared and the nature drained color
Whilst all this happened,
The lady continued her journey towards the isolated mansion.

Gracefully she pushed open the door,
And the door creaked in pain.
She disappeared into the darkness of the mansion,
Only to be found standing by the window smiling

She waited by the window for long,
Wickedly smiling with contempt,
As the daylight approached,
She disappeared, leaving a black hat by the window!

Soon the door creaked and out came the cat,
Yawning and purring and Graceful as ever,
She left the mansion,
Leaving a mystery forever!

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