Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cнσσѕιηg тσ вє мσяє нυмαηє ☺

We humans have advanced wonderfully over the years. We have conquered every field on the Earth. Be it science or creativity, humans have shown what they are capable of. But, humans have failed in the field of humanity. Humans today are not human enough to think once before they swear at someone, before they give someone a black eye, before they judge someone and before they devastate someone.
People have been using this quote that says “You know my name, not my story” but, do they imply it? Do they think about this quote when they bully someone? Hurt someone? Maybe judge someone?
Unfortunately no one does.
Sitting behind that screen you are probably shaking your head stating “Oh yes I definitely think about those things” or “I don't do any of those things” but, those statements are nothing but mere lies. Every one of us usually knowingly or intentionally and very rarely unintentionally does these things. When we do these things, we don't think about the fact that we are not aware of what that person might be going through, we don't realize the amount of hurt we are causing but, all we do is display the insensitivity and cruelty we have in each of us individually. When the same happens to us, that is when karma gets back to us, the world ends, doesn't it? Nothing seems good and life sucks for us. You want to do all sorts of wrong things and every other human you meet, you can't seem to trust them because a few days ago one of the same humans had shattered you emotionally by doing what? By judging you? Bullying? Making fun of? Teasing? Discriminating? The happiness is lost and all we do is sulk around never realizing that once upon a time we brought someone into the same state.
So, maybe we can be humans who are humane. This is not something where you can say that we will join our hands together and work unitedly, it is something that should come from within. Something you , yourself are supposed to take initiative for. You want to join hands? Then go ahead but join hands to pray for those who suffer from this insensitivity every single day! At an individual level we can surely try our best to not to judge people, not to discriminate and avoid the crime of breaking someone emotionally through physical or cerebral means.

Maybe we can bring ourselves to a point where individuals don't think that life is like a local market where most of the goods available are of cheap quality and the few which are good, are never the ones you can afford.